Digital Transformation of Healthcare

Increase Accuracy in Diagnosis with AI

Personal Health Record management

Better Policy Making with data and Analytics

Intelligent Process with Data Safety

Predictive Analytics to Identify Risk at Early Stage

Our Innovative Solutions for Better Healthcare

Qantega Launches Quantcare, The Next Gen AI Platform Using Technologies Like UIDAI, Machine Learning and Blockchains to Provide better healthcare system accessible and affordable to a large population base living in Rural and Underserved Areas of India.

Help Citizens

  • Find Doctors
  • Chat with Doctors
  • Maintain History of

Help Doctors

  • Reduce Paperwork by Central EHR
  • Prioritise Your Work
  • Hassle Free Administrative Work

Help NGOs

  • Find People in Need
  • Target work Area
  • Health Related Management

Help PolicyMakers

  • Updated Data for Better Policies
  • Better Regulation of subsidies
  • Intelligent Health Infrastructure

AI at work, beyond the hype

Beyond the hype, AI is already delivering real value in many aspect of our lives and healthcare is not behind. It’s being implemented in many research, diagnosis, management and solutions of healthcare. Our Approach is to use AI to make our Healthcare system better and intelligent to help large base of people living in rural areas of India.

In September 2013 the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoH&FW) notified the Electronic Health Record(EHR) Standards for India. An Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a collection of various medical records that get generated during any clinical encounter or events. With Quantcare healthcare data get generated 24×7 and also have long-term clinical relevance.

Such challenges and solutions include addressing the uneven ratio of skilled doctors to patients and making doctors more efficient at their jobs; the delivery of personalized healthcare and high quality healthcare to rural areas; and training doctors and nurses in complex procedures.

The AI ecosystem in the industry was mapped by identifying AI solutions, practitioners, researchers, funders, government, and conferences/exhibitions. For the mapping, the research draws upon news items, company websites, academic articles, industry reports, interviews, and roundtable inputs to identify different AI solutions being used in each sub-segment of the healthcare industry in India

Safety of your data is our top priority.

We build Innovative solutions for healthcare, but at the same time our concern about our user’s data safety is always high, we build it with security first mindset so that we can always keep our user’s data protected.

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Artificial Inteligence


Efficient patient engagement and clinical proficiency in Healthcare

Better healthcare system accessible and affordable to a large population base

Digital Transformation of Healthcare enabled with Machine Learning


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